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Bringing People Home, Social Purpose | February 14, 2024

Bringing people home is more than a transaction; it’s about creating communities. With over 40 years of experience in Metro Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, and B.C.’s prominent markets, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing is not just selling homes but making a promise to give back to every community they touch.

Our Social Promise

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing is taking its commitment to the next level. For every home sold by a Fifth Avenue Realtor, the team pledges to donate $100 or more to be distributed to local partnerships.

But it doesn’t stop there – the call to action also extends to developer partners, urging them to match these donations with $100 per home sold. This ensures a widespread impact on communities across B.C.

The Significance of Developer Partnerships

Partnering with developers that align with their social purpose mission is crucial for Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing. These collaborations amplify their ability to make a positive impact.

By encouraging developer partners, like Warwickshire Homes, to match their donations, they are creating a network of like-minded entities dedicated to building houses and socially responsible communities.

Warwickshire Homes: A Partner in Purpose

Among the developer partners answering the call is Warwickshire Homes, a name synonymous with building Oakley – an exclusive collection of 16 stratified single-family homes and 30 traditional townhomes in Willoughby, Langley, BC. Warwickshire Homes believes in the blessing of choice and empowers families to choose where they want to live, offering homes with maintenance included.

“Warwickshire Homes is proud to partner with Lending A Hand Society & Fifth Avenue to support Back Pack Buddies. A charity organization which aligns with our core values of supporting communities that we call home. We thrive knowing that we can provide resources that accelerate positive community change, while focused on children and youth-based needs” – Warwickshire Homes

Community-Centric Initiatives

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Warwickshire Homes recently joined forces to support Backpack Buddies, a cause addressing the crisis faced by families in B.C.

With the rising rent costs, household expenses, and childcare, one in eight families experiences food insecurity.

Backpack Buddies delivers bags of food to vulnerable children every Friday, ensuring they have meals and snacks for the weekend and beyond.

Making a Difference Together

The collaboration between Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Warwickshire Homes is not just about selling homes but actively contributing to building stronger communities.

Their involvement in Backpack Buddies exemplifies their shared mission to impact the lives of those facing challenges positively.

Bringing people home goes beyond selling homes – it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and community. Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Warwickshire Homes are not just in the real estate business; we are actively shaping a future where everyone has a place to call home.

Support Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Warwickshire Homes in their community initiatives. Join the movement of building not just houses but homes with heart. Encourage other real estate businesses and developers to embrace a social purpose mission for a collective positive impact.

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