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We are with you every step of the way — from land acquisition and rezoning, to marketing and sales through construction and completion. Like you, we understand the groundwork for success is determined long before your project ever comes to market. By engaging Fifth Avenue as your marketing and sales partner proactively, we inform and shape your new development with strategic planning and optimum market positioning for maximum success.

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Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing
Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


One of the most important decisions a developer makes is whether or not to invest in a particular opportunity. Our work includes supporting existing and new clients in acquiring development sites. Whether it’s raw land or an opportunity advanced in the approval process, we inform our clients decision making by providing a detailed analysis of the opportunity including vital proforma inputs.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


While our clients typically have a vision of what’s possible they trust us to work alongside an assembled team of experts to clarify and articulate this vision for the development. We are trusted at this stage to bring the market and consumer perspective to ensure what is being designed including landscaping, exteriors and interiors is uniquely positioned in the market with the appropriate appeal to the respective target markets.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


The approval process is a complex, challenging, and somewhat time consuming yet necessary stage of any development. As a result, our team continues to develop its deep knowledge of the approval process in the primary municipalities we excel in including understanding who the key stakeholders are. As part of our service we collaborate with the development team to gain the necessary public and government support.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing

Plan & Prepare

In our four decades of experience we’ve learned that success demands a plan. Planning and preparation includes making the "right decisions" in the "right order" and "getting things done". This includes studying market opportunities, assessing demand, clarifying objectives, developing a customized marketing and sales program and completing the tasks required to commence marketing and sales. This includes detailed pricing and strategies. At this stage we are also directing supporting agencies to ensure the timely turnaround of marketing and sales deliverables.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


This is synonymous with action and execution - making it happen by doing the "right things" at the "right time" so results are generated that meet or exceed your expectations. This work includes forming and leading a dedicated sales team that provides the best representation in the market.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


At this stage, our role is keeping the consumer well informed of construction progress through the creation and dissemination of project specific communications. It is also working alongside the development and construction team to ensure what got sold is getting built including customizations.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing


As a full-service brokerage, our team is equipped to manage the conveyance of Real Estate transactions through establishing and overseeing contract administration and supporting the overall closing process to ensure a smooth transaction that reflects positively on the developer's brand. As part of this we track the completion schedule and ensure proper notice is given in the case of a delay, facilitate the development team with the home orientation and turnover process and ensure homeowners are satisfied with their purchase.

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As a service to our clients and the industry, each quarter we produce and distribute a definitive report on the state of the new multifamily residential real estate market in Metropolitan Vancouver. Our aim in producing this complimentary report is to stimulate dialogue and promote positive action in our industry.

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Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing