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The Transformative Impact of Technology on Vancouver’s Real Estate Market

Jamie Squires is the President of Fifth Ave Real Estate Marketing.

Maximizing use of space drives new design trends

Though social and practical factors ultimately drive changes in design, social media can’t be completely discounted, says Squires, but perhaps not for reasons one would imagine. While social media may not heavily influence design trends, it has created an opportunity for developers to showcase their projects and also peruse the work of their competitors. “Social […]

On The Mark Report – Fall 2021 Edition

Welcome to On The Mark, A Comprehensive Analysis of the Multifamily Real Estate Markets throughout Central Okanagan Welcome to the third edition of On The Mark, Central Okanagan’s semi-annual comprehensive analysis of the multifamily real estate market. “Buckle Up!” This was the message I delivered to the Epic Real Estate Solutions team in the Spring […]

Vancouver New Home + Condo Guide: Summertime Buying

Why this summer may be the perfect time to buy! With recent numbers of vaccinations leading to falling cases of COVID-19 each day, it appears BC is finally rising out of the darkness of COVID and into the light of prosperity and the uplifting season of summer. This is the time that so many people […]