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Seizing the Lower Mainland Real Estate Amidst Construction Surge

As the Lower Mainland’s real estate market continues to evolve amidst record apartment construction, seizing opportunities and taking action is essential for success. By understanding the trends driving housing development and aligning your goals with the opportunities presented, you can insightfully navigate the dynamic landscape of the Lower Mainland’s real estate market. Whether you’re a […]

Home Prices Poised to Stabilize Amid Higher Borrowing Costs

The Vancouver real estate market’s journey towards stabilization amid higher borrowing costs signifies a shift in the dynamics that have driven prices upward for years. While it’s challenging to predict exactly how the market will evolve, understanding the factors and staying informed can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions in this evolving landscape. Consulting […]

The Transformative Impact of Technology on Vancouver’s Real Estate Market

Jamie Squires is the President of Fifth Ave Real Estate Marketing.

B.C. Releases Watch List of 10 Municipalities Struggling to Meet Housing Targets

With files from the CBC. 

Unconventional Spring Season Takes Hold of Metro Vancouver Real Estate

The Metro Vancouver real estate market’s current state presents an intriguing scenario, defying expectations and showcasing uncharacteristic trends. Increased buyer confidence, despite persistent supply shortages and price escalations, has created a unique environment for both buyers and sellers. As the market continues to evolve, industry experts closely monitor these unconventional dynamics, keeping a watchful eye […]

What is the cost of densifying your neighbourhood of single-family homes?

A recent report from the City of Saskatoon stated that infill development is cost-effective when existing infrastructure has unused capacity and can result in improved transit utilization. However, it warns that developers may find fewer obstacles when developing new tracts of land. In 2016, an Australian study reported by ABC News found that the cost […]