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Home Buying, Market Intelligence, Real Estate News | May 15, 2023

Purchasing a home in Langley offers an array of compelling reasons to make it your ideal choice. With its distinction as the third happiest city in B.C., Langley boasts a remarkable sense of community, abundant natural beauty, and a thriving real estate market.

The high rate of home ownership, coupled with picturesque landscapes and a diverse range of amenities, creates an unparalleled living experience.

Whether you seek stability, a strong sense of belonging, or the opportunity to embrace an enriching lifestyle, Langley BC provides the perfect backdrop for you to invest in a home and unlock a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

What makes a city truly happy? Is it the quality of life, the sense of community, or perhaps the opportunities it presents? In the beautiful province of British Columbia, nestled amidst stunning landscapes, Langley has emerged as a beacon of joy. According to a recent report by, Langley has claimed the esteemed title of the third happiest city in B.C., and it’s no wonder why. Join us as we delve into the factors that contribute to Langley’s exceptional happiness quotient.

Unveiling the Rankings:

In early May,, a trusted platform for real estate trends, news, and tips, unveiled its comprehensive list of the 100 happiest cities in Canada. Drawing from a wealth of data, including internal sources, public records, governmental data, and third-party agencies, their in-house analysts and writers meticulously compiled and interpreted the findings.

The study revealed that the District of North Vancouver secured the coveted position as the happiest city in B.C., with an impressive median after-tax household income of $106,000. This figure surpassed the national median reported by Statistics Canada by a significant margin of $33,000. Hot on its heels, Port Coquitlam claimed the second spot, while Langley proudly took third place.

Thriving in Langley BC:

What makes Langley a standout destination for happiness seekers? One crucial aspect is the high rate of home ownership, which sits at a remarkable 82 percent. This statistic reflects a strong sense of stability and belonging within the community. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia, Langley offers an enchanting blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, creating an ideal environment for residents to flourish. Whether it’s strolling through tranquil parks, exploring vibrant markets, or indulging in local culinary delights, Langley provides a myriad of opportunities for residents to embrace a fulfilling and joyful lifestyle.

The City and Township:

While did not publish separate figures for the City and Township of Langley, it’s essential to acknowledge the collective spirit that permeates both regions. The Langley area, comprising both the City and Township, forms a harmonious union, fostering a shared sense of happiness and well-being. Together, they contribute to Langley’s vibrant social fabric, offering residents a diverse range of amenities and a strong sense of community cohesion.

Langley, the third happiest city in B.C., is a testament to the power of community, natural beauty, and a thriving real estate market. With its high rate of home ownership and the picturesque landscapes that surround it, Langley offers an idyllic setting for residents seeking happiness and fulfillment.

As we continue to explore the elements that contribute to a city’s happiness, Langley serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when a community comes together to create a joyous and prosperous environment.


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