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Home Buying, Real Estate News | February 20, 2024

In a significant move to encourage electric vehicle (EV) adoption in strata communities with more than five units, the British Columbia government has implemented new regulations under the Electric Vehicle Charging and Electric Management Regulation, effective December 6, 2023, as part of Bill 22: the Strata Property Amendment Act.

Addressing concerns about limited access to EV adoption charging, Ravi Kahlon, the Minister of Housing, emphasized, “Lack of access to electric vehicle charging should not be a deterrent to people wanting to purchase or rent in a strata complex.”

The regulations are designed to benefit both strata property residents and corporations:

Empowering Strata Property Residents

The new rules establish a streamlined process for strata property residents to request the installation of an EV charging station. This initiative aims to facilitate residents’ transition to electric vehicles within strata communities.

Guidance for Strata Corporations

Strata corporations will now follow specific guidelines, including:

  • Determining a timeline to respond to residents’ requests for EV charging stations.
  • Granting exclusive parking stall usage to an owner for five years if the installation resulted from their request.
  • Mandating strata corporations to obtain an Electrical Planning Report (EPR) for future upgrades, considering factors like heat pumps and cooling equipment.

Electrical Planning Report (EPR) Requirements: Strata corporations must obtain an EPR containing critical information such as current building electrical capacity, peak demand, spare capacity, and anticipated electricity demand. The report will also offer recommendations on managing electrical capacity and demand. The BC government plans to provide detailed EPR requirements online in the coming months.

Phased EPR Deadline

The deadline for obtaining an EPR will be phased in over several years:

  • Stratas in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Capital Regional Districts must obtain an EPR by late 2026.
  • Stratas in other provincial areas are required to obtain an EPR by late 2028.
  • Small strata communities with fewer than five units are exempt from the EPR requirement.

Strata Voting Simplified

These regulations also enact the remaining provisions of Bill 22, lowering the voting threshold from 75 percent to a majority for decisions related to installing electric vehicle charging equipment. This change aims to streamline the decision-making process for strata communities.

For more information on EV charging in strata corporations, BC’s Go Electric EV charger rebate program, the Zero-Emission Vehicles Act, or the provincial sales tax (PST) exemption on used EVs, residents can visit the respective online resources.

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