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Your Next Home | April 19, 2020

With the situation around COVID -19 continuing to develop, our Presentation Centres and Display Homes remain temporarily closed. This has been done to support social distancing as the health and safety of the public, our colleagues, and their families are of the utmost importance. We remain committed to supporting home buyers by providing high standards of service via virtual appointments during these challenging times.




Our sales team is able to provide any one that is looking for a new home with a virtual appointment where you via any number of ways.  Phone, email, online appointments, virtual tours, and screen sharing are some of the ways we continue to connect with our clients.  So, reach out! We are here to help you make informed decisions.

NOTE: At this time and In a similar fashion to grocery and liquor stores select Presentation Centres where physical distancing standards can easily be met may allow for private inspections/viewing. Ask the sales representative for the respective community.

To Book a Virtual Appointment with on of our Sales Teams you can do the following:


Home Office Information

Our Home Office is closed to the public until further notice, however if you need to drop off a deposit or paperwork, you can connect with our team directly to find out how we are able to help you.

Call: 604-583-2212
Online Appointments: Find your desired community and click ‘Book a Virtual Appointment’ and a member of our sales team will email you a video conference link so we can chat face to face. Virtual Tours of Sales Centre and Display Home available by email request!

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