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 This Gramercy development will span an entire city block with a collection of two, three and four bedroom townhomes. At the heart of the community is the Loop trail, where homeowners can engage in plenty of outdoor activities.

What happens when you build an entire community around a section of mature forested area in South Surrey? That’s what The Loop is all about. Livabl spoke with Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing project manager Jordyne Toor and senior vice president of project operations Michelle Des Rosiers about The Loop and its unique appeal.

Where did “The Loop” name come from and what can buyers expect?
“The Loop” name was inspired by this activity loop. [Those in project development] kept referring to this huge loop as part of the whole site. If you look throughout The Loop, it repeats itself in different aspects. There’s a central area that’s forested, so there’s going to be large growth trees. It will feel very lush, with canopies of trees as the setting.

Are there amenities located throughout the activity loop?
The activity loop connects to the Hideaway, which is the amenity building. It’s a two-storey amenity building that’s focused on socialization and coming together, whether that be hosting a family or community event.

There are two lounges: There’s an upper lounge that is bigger that connects to a patio, and the lower lounge. The outdoor patio is great because you don’t need to access it from inside the building. It’s quite a stunning space that we’re really excited about. Also: On the outside of this building, there will be a dog wash with hot water and a proper drainage system.

As you come through the activity loop, we’ve got a fire pit, a natural play area, some seating, and also throughout the entire loop, we have Scandinavian-style workout equipment [coming from Sweden]. It’s very cutting-edge. It’s very minimalist and you would never know that it’s for working out. [The equipment] has QR codes so anyone walking the loop can stop and view [on their smartphone] the exercises that can be done.

The trails interconnect, so people can walk their dogs, jog or take the kids out. It’s meant to provide a great family space. And the trails connect to the second amenity space, which is called the Locker. It’s a fitness facility with cardiovascular equipment, [space] for yoga and spaces for stretching. There are lots of landscaped zones and we tried to create as much privacy for the homes as possible. We have a saying: “Your park, your way”, and it comes back to the fact that this entire community has been designed around this loop.

The Loop South Surrey

How easy or difficult was it to integrate the trees into the development?
[The mature trees] were an easy integration for us. Gramercy has a development in Surrey called The Woods and that was all based around trees, as well. That natural landscape and paying tribute to it is important. It isn’t about “how many homes can we fit? It’s about, “How can we make this a really great community?” That’s what’s important to [Gramercy]. The detail and thought that’s gone into [The Loop], the park and wanting to keep it while designing a sight around it was critical.

What type of buyer might be interested in The Loop?
“We’re definitely looking to attract a family buyer — families, probably with school-aged children who are in the market and looking to upsize or maybe just starting their family. The walkability, the highway accessibility, tons of options of public schools nearby and South Ridge private school are all really attractive for families. The townhomes have been designed to accommodate family life.

What’s the exterior design going to be like?
The Loop has a very Brownstone vibe. The inspiration for the architecture came from New York City. The brick facade and the black detailing. There’s a lot of west coast modern and country farmhouse styles in this area. [The Brownstone] is a very timeless look that we’re excited about.

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