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Market Intelligence | November 10, 2020

Navigating the Recovering Housing Market, Despite the On-Going Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the outset of 2020, I certainly did not anticipate not being able to celebrate Fifth Avenue’s 40th anniversary more publicly. As we reviewed our multifaceted plans, our team decided it was not appropriate to celebrate during the height of a global pandemic. Now with the market recovery as of late and heading into the Christmas season, we did not want this milestone to go completely unmarked. Of course, we can not party in person, but we will one day.

Enshrouded in traditional symbolism, the 40th anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary. In history, the ruby has been used to fuel passion. The inner fire of a ruby is thought to represent the burning flame of passion in those who have been together for 40 years. This certainly aligns with one of our four corporate values: Enduring Passion. We are passionate about progress and we are full of life. We are never satisfied with the status quo and seek to create, innovate, and improve. This means we continually seek to develop our capabilities. We are diligent and resilient. We are also challengers who assertively question our ways and means with an eye to what’s better and what’s next. This passion is shaped by a perspective that seeks to enjoy what we do, find humour in our work life, and have fun together.

So we are celebrating 40+ years in business to a degree now and fully anticipating bringing people together in person one day in the future. At that time we will share four decades of new multifamily homes sales stories; recognize the founding father of Fifth Avenue in memoriam, Hilar Belling; honour one of the strongest professional and personal marriages I have ever witnessed and the folks who owned and led Fifth Avenue together to this point, Mark and Heidi Belling; and to share our vision for the future with our partners at Peerage Realty Partners at our side, investing and supporting our future growth.

It is true that much has changed in this industry since Fifth Avenue started. Keeping ahead of the curve has meant being able to respond proactively and innovatively to changes in consumer behaviour and market conditions. The wisdom that has been gleaned from past experiences has led to a number of essential beliefs, crafting our methodology, and evolving our culture.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited (Fifth Avenue) was founded in 1980 in Surrey, British Columbia by a family of marketing and sales professionals with an extensive background in marketing housing developments. We worked closely and collaboratively with entrepreneurial, consumer-minded developers then and we still do today. At that time, the residential project marketing business was in its infancy and since then, Fifth Avenue has marketed projects throughout BC. Even then, the Belling’s foresaw the emergence of the suburban markets and opted to base their home office south of the Fraser River.

Fifth Avenue’s mission is expressed in this simple phrase: Bringing People Home. Our mission statement also extends beyond our for profit aims. It expresses our commitment to promoting positive social action and aligns our understanding of corporate and social responsibility. Thus, it is the mantra that directs us to give back and share our knowledge and resources with the industry as a whole (through tools such as The Fifth Dimension) and those at risk or most in need in the communities we serve. This includes families experiencing trauma. From the developer partner perspective, this statement continues to be the driving force behind what we do. We provide advisory services, essential project planning and preparation, and high-performance marketing and sales services.

We collaborate with our developer partners to sell at pace and optimal profits. It is my pleasure to serve as Fifth Avenue’s President and Chief Executive Officer. I am privileged to work within such a talented team that I love. These interdisciplinary professionals are committed to providing a pleasurable buying experience for the consumer while creating a harmonious and productive relationship with each of our developer partners.

Here’s to celebrating 40+ years in person; here’s to bringing people home

again and again…and again.





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