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Transforming Kelowna’s Housing Landscape: A Boost for Homebuyers

The collaboration between the Government of Canada and the City of Kelowna, as exemplified by the Housing Accelerator Fund, represents a significant stride towards addressing the housing challenges Canadians face. With a focus on affordability, accessibility, and innovation, the future of housing in Kelowna looks promising. As this initiative progresses, potential homebuyers can anticipate more […]

Greater Kelowna’s New Home Real Estate Market Analysis for 2020 and the Residential Real Estate Snapshot

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of On The Mark, an Annual Comprehensive Analysis of the New Home Multifamily Real Estate Markets in Greater Kelowna On The Mark is a collaboration between Epic Real Estate Solutions, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Knew Realty Research, with the shared vision of enhancing the New Home Development Market […]