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Home Buying, Real Estate News | November 5, 2021

The Surrey City Council has prioritized to protect and enhance the environment in multiple ways such as improving energy use, minimizing landfill waste, and growing the City’s urban tree canopy.

Multiple measurements have been taken into action to make Surrey the greenest city, and one of the measures is to develop and implement an electric vehicle strategy which favours commercial and personal electric car users. The City Council has approved to double the number of public EV fast charging stations within Surrey to accommodate the accelerated number of electric cars in BC, which helps reduce the gas emissions. The number of Level 2 charging stations has grown from 37 to 77 at the City Facilities. To further lower the carbon footprint, new developments in Surrey have to be at 100% electric car parking capacity for residential buildings and 20% for commercial buildings.

The West Village Energy Centre plays an important role in creating renewable energy for residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout Surrey City Centre. The Biofuel Facility, West Village Energy Centre, in the City Centre turn organic kitchen and yard waste collected at curb-side to a renewable energy source to provide hot water and heat for most buildings in the City Centre, daily. A total of 17 buildings in the City Centre are consuming heat from the West Village Energy Centre. Its closed-loop network of underground heating pipes distribute heat and hot water to buildings in this bustling City Centre. The water will then be re-circulated to the energy centre for re-heating and re-circulating purposes.

Other than making efficient and smart use of energy, the City of Surrey introduced their tree sale program to increase oxygen levels. Residents are encouraged to purchase trees, including maple, dogwoods, magnolias and assorted fruit trees which all grow well in Surrey. The tree sale program is available for purchase four times a year at an affordable price of only $20. This first come, first serve basis tree sale event is popular among the community, close to 1,000 trees were sold in just one event. The tree sales not only help grow the urban tree canopy, but also help support the City’s Climate Adaptation Strategy and Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for a livable and sustainable City.

The action we take today will make a difference tomorrow and beyond. With the strategic and forward-thinking urban plan by the City of Surrey, Surrey is a sustainable and healthy city for all living creatures.

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