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Real Estate News | June 1, 2023

In the ever-changing landscape of Metro Vancouver’s real estate market, an intriguing phenomenon has unfolded this spring. Despite ongoing supply shortages and escalating prices, real estate professionals are witnessing a notable surge in buyer confidence and activity. In this blog post, we delve into the unique dynamics at play and explore the insights shared by industry experts.

Sales on the Rise:

According to Brittany Reimer, partner and managing director of MLA Canada’s Fraser Valley office, sales in Metro Vancouver experienced an impressive eight percent month-over-month increase in April. The unexpected upswing has left many industry insiders, including Brendon Ogmundson, chief economist at the B.C. Real Estate Association, describing the current market as “really strange.”


Unconventional Drivers:

What makes this surge particularly intriguing is the absence of traditional economic stimuli, such as interest rate reductions. Ogmundson attributes the increased sales activity to pent-up demand, noting that the market is recovering ahead of expectations. “Our sort of thesis was that we have a decent recovery in the second half of 2023 and a good handoff in 2024. None of those things are actually happening, and yet we’re getting a recovery even before our timeline,” Ogmundson remarked.

Below Normal Levels:

While the recent increases in sales activity are encouraging, it’s important to note that overall sales remain below normal levels. Ogmundson cites that the average number of total sales in Metro Vancouver typically hovers around 3,200 in April. Last month, sales reached 2,741, indicating a market still on the path to recovery.

Price Dynamics:

The benchmark price for all residential properties listed on MLS in Metro Vancouver currently stands at $1,170,700. Although this represents a 7.4 percent decrease compared to the previous year, it marks a 2.3 percent increase compared to March 2023. Ogmundson warns that as prices tick higher and mortgage rates remain elevated, affordability, especially for first-time homebuyers, is likely to become more challenging.

Shifting Dynamics:

Real estate professionals have observed multiple offers, bidding wars, and increased attendance at showings, signaling a significant shift in the market. Reimer highlights the positive momentum among buyers who are eager not to miss out on opportunities. She states, “That is a really positive sign and indicator for the market, and quite a shift from what we’ve been seeing over the last two years.”

Future Outlook:

While sales are expected to remain below normal levels in the coming months, Ogmundson predicts they will surpass the unusually low figures seen in the past six months. Uncertainty still looms regarding the economy’s performance for the remainder of the year, with a consensus suggesting a likely recession, albeit possibly short and mild.

The Metro Vancouver real estate market’s current state presents an intriguing scenario, defying expectations and showcasing uncharacteristic trends. Increased buyer confidence, despite persistent supply shortages and price escalations, has created a unique environment for both buyers and sellers. As the market continues to evolve, industry experts closely monitor these unconventional dynamics, keeping a watchful eye on the potential outcomes and implications for all stakeholders involved.

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