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Home Buying, Market Intelligence, Real Estate News | October 20, 2023

Like many others, the British Columbia real estate market faced some challenging times heading into the fall season. The impact of interest rate hikes and higher fixed rates has been felt across the province. However, amid these challenges, positive signs indicate resilience and opportunities in the BC real estate market.

A Cooling Market

Recent data from real estate boards indicates that market conditions have cooled off. September saw Lower Mainland home sales drop to 17% below August figures. While this appears significant, it’s important to note that it follows a typical seasonal pattern, with sales often slowing as we head into the fall. Year-over-year sales growth also narrowed from 25% to 16%, reflecting the base-year impacts of 2022’s unique conditions. Sales may be 20% below the September average recorded between 2010 and 2019, but there are signs of a market-finding balance.

Rising New Listings

One of the promising signs is the increase in new listings. Market conditions and financial stress have encouraged more homeowners and investors to consider selling. New listings are currently at their highest in over a year, 15% higher than pre-pandemic levels. This increase in inventory provides more choices for buyers.

Steady Home Values

While the market cools, the average home value remains steady. At $1.2 million, it’s 5.5% ahead of last year and up 1.3% from August. Seasonally adjusted prices have remained flat, and benchmark home values have shown a mild decline of 0.6%. Houses and townhomes have held up better than apartments, which saw a 0.5% price decline. The steady average prices suggest the market is still attractive for many homebuyers.

Opportunities in Challenging Times

These challenges present opportunities for both buyers and sellers. The increase in listings gives buyers more choices, and the stable home values indicate that BC’s real estate market continues to be a sound investment.

While it may feel like the market is shifting, it’s essential to remember that real estate is a long-term investment. Despite fluctuations in the short term, BC’s real estate market has historically shown resilience, and properties have generally appreciated in value over time. Also, when considering any real estate purchase, it is important to consult with a professional, such as a real estate agent or lawyer, to ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions of any promotion or bonus offer.


The BC real estate market has faced its share of challenges recently, but there are reasons to remain optimistic. The future looks promising, with new listings, steady home values, and a strong historical track record. BC real estate continues to be a wise investment, and for those willing to navigate the current market conditions, opportunities await.

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