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Social Purpose | May 18, 2023

It is crucial to acknowledge the plight of numerous young individuals in British Columbia who are facing significant challenges and slipping through the cracks. Options Community Services, a non-profit organization based in Surrey, took the initiative last year to address this issue through a fundraising campaign.

Gamechangers 2022 successfully united local professional women, as well as local and international foundations, who generously contributed to raising funds specifically for the needs of BC youth that may not be covered by government programs or funding.

We are delighted to announce that Options has achieved its fundraising goal of $1 million!

Joining forces for the second consecutive year, our President, Jamie Squires, and Senior Vice President, Michelle Des Roseirs, were proud to collaborate with Options in their efforts to support Women of Options: The Gamechangers Fund.

With unwavering dedication, each remarkable “Woman of Options” pledged to raise $25,000 towards this noble cause. Their tireless endeavours aimed to achieve this target by the deadline. This year, the funds raised will create transformative impacts in the lives of over 160,000+ youth residing in Surrey. This achievement is particularly essential in today’s economy, where even basic necessities like groceries pose a greater financial burden on youth striving to make ends meet.

The funding will be prioritized to address various critical areas, including:

  1. Dental care for young individuals struggling with dental issues that affect their self-confidence.
  2. Covering expenses for books, transportation, school supplies, and other costs not included in tuition grants, enabling youth to pursue studies beyond high school.
  3. Assisting young individuals on a case-by-case basis, such as providing funds for a formal/prom or graduation dress for a young woman who lacks the means, or covering a special expense for a young man in support of his infant son.
  4. Offering mental health support, such as trauma counseling, to help youth overcome emotional challenges.
  5. Providing driving lessons to facilitate educational or vocational endeavors.

By addressing these pressing needs, Options Community Services aims to empower and uplift BC youth, ensuring they have access to the support and resources necessary to thrive.

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