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Your Next Home | May 20, 2021

Construction is well underway at Ventura Abbotsford with completion estimated for spring 2021, investing with only 5% down just got easier.

The City of Abbotsford has envisioned a community for the City Centre neighbourhood with an initiative titled ‘Plan for 200K’. The plan outlines parks pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, as well as shopping, dining and residential housing. Location is key and we are proud to say that Ventura is the most central new offering within Abbotsford’s future City Centre neighbourhood plan. Check out a detailed look at the plan by clicking here.

Let’s be honest, the real star of the Fraser Valley will always be Mother Nature. Every outdoor activity you can imagine is enhanced here, by the temperate climate, diverse ecosystems, and picturesque landscapes. The exciting future of the Fraser Valley is here, in the heart of Abbotsford. Recent advancements and planned revitalization of Abbotsford’s City Centre have spurred confidence and growth in the area. The diversity of its residential, commercial, recreational and gastronomic experiences are attracting new visitors and residents alike. Of course, the stunning backdrop, affordable cost of living, and easy access to Vancouver and the Okanagan doesn’t hurt either.

Life in Abbotsford is about living, each and every day. Why wait for the weekend to do what you want to? Why let vacation time decide when your most precious moments of discovery, adventure, and relaxation happen? Living in Abbotsford is the daily practice of inhaling the freshness of life, and exhaling the joy that comes from doing what matters – day in, day out. In that spirit, life at Ventura is about embracing the abundance of life in Abbotsford, by living in the centre of it all

Ventura homes offer timeless design in your choice of colour scheme, both incorporating clean lines with transitional elements that resonate with quality. “Ash” offers rich tone-on-tone grey cabinetry with light ash wood flooring to create subtle, but dramatic contrast. “Classic” features honey-hued wood flooring with creamy-white cabinetry and taupe accents – a truly timeless combination that won’t go out of style. Every detail is worth noting, and the feeling that you made the right choice deepens with every passing day.

There are 6 homes remaining at Ventura, be sure to book an appointment with our Sales Team and visit our new display home on the 6th floor!

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