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Peerage Partners | March 24, 2022


We’re excited to announce that Mitchell Harpur has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing.

This recognition comes with added responsibility. As a team builder, Mitchell will oversee the growth and effectiveness of both the Fifth Avenue Corporate Marketing and the Project Support team. He will also oversee our recently renamed and rebranded partner, Island Realm Real Estate. Mitchell has already begun his new routine and will be spending more time in Victoria this year. He will also hire for both entities to ensure we have the capacity for sustained growth.

As the Vice President of Marketing, he will be focusing on key corporate initiatives for Fifth Avenue and Island Realm Real Estate. This includes evaluating and improving our marketing strategies and methodologies. Mitchell continues to make a positive impact as a leader of the Marketing Team and has seamlessly led his team through various challenges and successes.  Additionally, Mitchell has been incredibly helpful to our related entities: BakerWest, Epic, and Island Realm Real Estate. Now, his focus is to think more and develop his team to do what we’ve counted on Mitchell for these past years.

Mitchell will report to both the CEO of Fifth Avenue Jamie Squires, and the President of Island Realm Real Estate, Amy Francoeur.

Join us in congratulating Mitchell and wishing him the best of luck in his new role!


Scott Brown

CEO of Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd./ Executive Director. Island Realm Real Estate.

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