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Market Intelligence | July 25, 2023

The Lower Mainland’s housing market has weathered significant challenges like high interest rates and declining affordability. Despite this, buyers have made a strong comeback, displaying adaptability and confidence.

Buyers’ Resilience

Buyers adjusted to high interest rates by strategically anticipating potential rate reductions. The robust labor market and pandemic savings further boosted confidence to enter the housing market.

Population Growth and Urbanization

Population growth, fuelled by immigration and urbanization, has driven housing demand. Newcomers contributed to increased demand through property purchases, while others were encouraged by the prospect of more buyers entering the market.

Regional Sales Performance

Monthly sales in the Lower Mainland saw a slight decline of four percent. Greater Vancouver experienced a 12 percent drop, offset by a significant 12 percent surge in the Fraser Valley. The region’s affordability and larger lot sizes attracted buyers, especially in the apartment segment.

Property Values and Market Indicators

The average property value in the Lower Mainland rose to $1.21 million, a 4.5 percent increase from the previous year. Limited supply supported prices, leading to growth in the benchmark price index across various housing segments.

Future Outlook

Following rate hikes in June and July, the housing market is expected to cool down. Sales may decrease as households become cautious about enduring higher interest rates. However, underlying strength in housing demand is expected to persist due to factors like immigration and high rent prices.

Evolving Landscape

Despite challenges, the Lower Mainland’s housing market remains resilient. Buyers have adapted, and population growth continues to drive demand. Stakeholders must remain attentive to evolving dynamics in this ever-dynamic landscape.

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