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Bringing People Home, Home Buying, Social Purpose | April 28, 2022

Welcome to HAVAN’s Home Buying Masterclass Series

It’s no secret housing prices have soared to new heights in Metro Vancouver over the past decade, and continue to increase in value. This increase in price creates more challenges for the home buyer and potentially a stressful experience when looking to purchase a home as Vancouver continues to be a seller’s market.

HAVAN’s Home Buying Masterclass Series is an immersive online experience, which aims to empower you with the knowledge, tips, and guidance from local homebuilding and real estate experts to help make your home buying journey enjoyable by taking a more confident, empowered approach.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, downsizer, or looking to invest and grow your equity, you have come to the right place! All the instructors are experts in their craft and are sharing their personal journeys, experiences, and learnings with you, for FREE! Packed with personal tips, this information is exclusive to HAVAN’s Masterclass Series. Enjoy!

Shayne Ramsey, CEO, BC Housing – To buy or rent?

With over 35yr of experience in the housing industry, Shayne Ramsay, CEO of BC Housing, walks you through his journey into home ownership. With a positive history as both a renter and homeowner, Shayne explores the meaning of home, providing thoughts and questions to help you determine the right path for you, while exploring different housing forms. If looking to buy, as one of the largest purchases of your life, Shayne provides resources and tips to ensure you are empowered to make the most of your investment and home purchase.

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Scott Brown, President & CEO, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing – Ready to buy?

Having worked in the real estate industry around the globe for 30+ years, Scott Brown shares his wealth of knowledge on the power of home ownership and the advantages and risks of buying a home in this highly insightful series. Providing personal tips and advice on how to mitigate risks, investigating creative presale options, and asking the right questions, Scott also shares tips on finding the right realtor, and dives into when is the right time to buy, discussing his ‘ten-year window.’

Tony Gioventu, Executive Director, Condominium Homeowners’ Association (CHOA) – Strata Life!

When buying into a strata, your home is NOT your castle. As a part of community, you will share property fixtures and assets, hence, you really need to think about your lifestyle functions such as hobbies, entertainment, activities, etc. important to you and your family. Tony Gioventu, Executive Officer of the Condominium Home Owners Association (CHOA), shares his expertise on bylaws, the importance of strata minutes, strata corporation insurance coverage and more to protect your investment. Listen to Tony and learn how to make an informed decision that will help you make the choice right for you. Hint: the devil is in the detail, and Tony has you covered!

Randy Chin, Regional Manager, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – Show me the Money!

How do you get into homeownership hassle-free? Acknowledging home buying is not always easy, or a straightforward path, Randy Chin, Manager for Mortgage Specialists, RBC Royal Bank, shares his personal journey, and professional experiences, with unique tips on navigating when you fall into the grey areas of qualifying for a mortgage. In the business of ‘Making Friday Nights,’ Randy looks at market trends, discusses how to choose a lender right for you, and how to get to ‘yes!’.

Robyn Adamache, Senior Specialist, Client Relations, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) – Where to Buy?

Steeped in a career based on housing market research, Robyn Adamache, Senior Specialist, CMHC Multi-Unit Housing SolutionsCanadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), understands the power of researching the market before you head out to buy a home. Robyn takes a personal look back and shares her homeowner journey, sharing tips to determine if you are ready to buy, and discusses invaluable information on the importance of location, and knowing when to make your purchase.

Taylor Biggar, Vice President, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) – How to Buy in Metro Vancouver?

Demystify the real estate market with Taylor Biggar, Chair of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, and learn from his buying and selling journey, including his successes and mistakes, from the age of 14. Taylor firmly believes real estate is a wealth builder, and from experience, knows working with professionals is the key to success.  Learn how real estate can leverage your equity to build a better life, who to hire, tips for submitting the best offers, and how to sell your properties too. Packed with 25+ years of industry insight, watch Taylor, and get empowered.

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