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Fraser Valley Living, Home Buying, Your Next Home | October 11, 2023

Several factors come into play when you’re looking for a new home. Price, location, and size are all important considerations. However, there’s another crucial aspect to ponder: the lifestyle you envision. Are you prepared to dedicate significant time to property maintenance, such as mowing the lawn, painting the fence, shovelling snow or power washing the exterior? If you’d rather spend your days enjoying what truly matters, strata living in Oakley Willoughby might be the perfect fit.

While there may be monthly fees, the advantages of strata living in Oakley Willoughby far outweigh the costs.

The Benefits of Strata Living in Oakley Willoughby

1. Lock & Leave Lifestyle

  • Say goodbye to maintenance woes and embrace a worry-free lifestyle in Oakley Willoughby. Strata living allows you to travel without concerns and devote your weekends to your passions.

2. Less Maintenance

  • Strata in Oakley Willoughby covers your home’s exterior, including lawn maintenance, weed control, snow removal, and more.

3. Have a Say

  • Strata is managed by a council elected and led by residents within your community. Get involved and have a say in shaping your community’s future.

4. Shared Costs

  • When significant expenses arise, strata living ensures that homeowners share costs. You only pay for your portion of the expense.

5. Security

  • Proximity to neighbours enhances the safety of the Oakley Willoughby community you live in, providing peace of mind for everyone.

6. Amenities

  • While certain amenities can increase your monthly fees, look for Oakley Willoughby communities with outdoor or low-maintenance facilities to keep costs in check.

7. Community Living

  • Strata living in Oakley Willoughby encourages a sense of community. Residents who get to know their neighbours often come together to form strong and efficient councils that manage the property effectively.

8. You’re Not Alone

  • Your strata manager and council are there to assist you. If you encounter an issue, a simple phone call to your strata manager or council ensures a swift resolution, as you have a dedicated team working for your benefit.

9. Private vs. Public Functions 

  • In many traditional neighbourhoods, local municipalities often struggle to provide essential services for the entire area. This can lead to financial challenges and delayed service delivery.  Services such as trash pickup, road maintenance, stormwater management, snow removal, and similar responsibilities are efficiently managed, ensuring that services are completed promptly. Moreover, strata owners take care of the associated fees, relieving homeowners in Oakley Willoughby of the burden of coordinating these services themselves.

Introducing Oakley Willoughby: A New Phase in Strata Living

We’re thrilled to introduce the next phase of Oakley Willoughby: 16 single-family strata homes that offer a low-maintenance lifestyle. Say goodbye to the hassles of extensive upkeep; Oakley Willoughby homes are designed with easy-to-care-for exteriors and landscaping. Embrace the comfort of a tight-knit community where you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying life to the fullest. Click below to learn more and to register for more information.


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