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January 4, 2021, by: Fifth Avenue

Peerage Realty Partners are Growing our reach into the Okanagan with the Purchase of Kelowna’s Epic Real Estate Solutions

The Landscape of BC’s New Multifamily Home Development throughout BC is changing and our team has been adapting to the needs of homebuyers in Metro Vancouver, The Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

We are excited to announce that Peerage Business Partners has officially acquired Epic Real Estate Solutions, and Fifth Avenue is excited to welcome the Epic Real Estate team into the Peerage Family. Over the past decade, Fifth Avenue and Epic Real Estate have collaborated on over a dozen New multifamily developments, resort-style communities and award-winning sales and marketing campaigns, bring optimal sales results to the Okanagan. It is a natural fit and partnership that will continue to drive success in the Central Okanagan Real Estate Market.

Epic Real Estate Solutions will turn your vision of developing a new community into reality. We specialize in creating integrated marketing and sales programs for our clients. From the conception of an idea on a napkin, to the final “sold out” announcement, we customize and execute real estate marketing & sales plans specifically tailored to your community.

With more than 60 years of collective experience in Real Estate Project Marketing & Sales, the team at Epic offers incomparable, one-on-one service from concept to completion. We identify the key features and benefits of your community and develop incredibly powerful sales tools, specific to your strategy. We have the expertise to launch your new project maximizing the pre-sales needed to secure construction financing. After the launch, unsold properties sometimes represent the bulk of a Developer’s profit. EPIC can unlock this profit quickly with a combination of traditional sales and project marketing sales programs.

At Epic Real Estate, we offer a variety of solutions to suit your unique and individual needs. We have decades of hands on marketing & sales experience with a focus on multifamily residential housing and commercial real estate. Whether you are looking to develop a master-planned community, envisioning a mixed-use residential condominium community or determining the viability of a project proposal, we can assist you every step of the way.

Epic Real Estate has a local understanding of the Kelowna and Central Okanagan Real Estate Market with deep-rooted partnerships and developer clientele who are building and shaping the future of key markets and neighbourhoods. With this new partnership Epic Real Estate, Fifth Avenue and the Peerage family will continue to Bring People Home through BC.

Learn More About Epic Real Estate Here

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