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January 4, 2021, by: Fifth Avenue

Greater Kelowna’s New Home Real Estate Market Analysis for 2020 and the Residential Real Estate Snapshot

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of On The Mark, an Annual Comprehensive Analysis of the New Home Multifamily Real Estate Markets in Greater Kelowna

On The Mark is a collaboration between Epic Real Estate Solutions, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing and Knew Realty Research, with the shared vision of enhancing the New Home Development Market in Kelowna. Epic Real Estate Solutions will turn your vision of developing a new community into reality. We specialize in creating integrated marketing and sales programs for our clients. From the conception of an idea on a napkin to the final “sold out” announcement, we customize and execute real estate marketing & sales plans specifically tailored to your community.

Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing has been Bringing People Home for over 40 years. Since 1980, Fifth Avenue has been collaborating with developer partners envisioning communities for today’s modern families and homes for the future. Bringing People Home is our mission.

COVID-19 has certainly disrupted our lives in many ways and will continue to do so throughout 2021. However, for the EPIC team, 2020 will be marked by the sudden passing of Mark West, EPIC’s founder, Managing Broker, and more importantly, beloved husband, brother and dear friend. Leah, Mark’s wife and Blu, their three-year-old son are beyond devastated. On their behalf, I’d like to thank the friends, clients and industry colleagues who mourned alongside them and offered assistance in numerous forms and ways.

Personally, I have known Mark for over two decades. I considered him a brother first and a business partner second. Mark and I had been deep into planning the next three to five years to ensure his transition into selectively being a developer while spending ample time with his family. Since that fateful Saturday in early June and despite the weight of grief, Leah and both the team at EPIC and Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited (Fifth Avenue) have committed ourselves to honouring his legacy and have doubled down on pursuing his vision.

Mark’s wealth of knowledge and insight into the Kelowna real estate market were always presented to partners and clients with enthusiasm. With that being said, Mark’s judgment and feedback tended to be verbal. Given the growth in the Kelowna market and accelerating interest and demand from Metro Vancouver and outside the province, the need for more information that supplements the tacit is apparent. In response, our team has partnered with a local firm, Knew Realty Research Incorporated (Knew). Knew is a collective partner at the forefront of innovation when it comes to understanding and reporting the current status and upcoming trends in communities and neighbourhoods across the province. Together, we dedicated considerable time and resources gathering facts, visiting projects, analyzing data and forming insights and opinions on “what is” and “what will be” with respect to the multifamily real estate market in Greater Kelowna. Now it is time to share.

Click here to Download Greater Kelowna’s New Home Real Estate Market Analysis for 2020 and the Residential Real Estate Snapshot – The On The Mark Report

This Report is a Tribute to a Legend of Kelowna’s New Home Real Estate Market. On the Mark is a complimentary report and a forum where we share our knowledge and perspective on the market. Given the seasonality of the local market, this report presents information for the period from the end of the Third Quarter each year with a mid-year update.

President & CEO – Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Limited

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