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Real Estate News | February 7, 2019
Willoughby Town Centre: Langley’s Fastest Growing Community

Many of us are familiar with or have seen the term “mixed-use community” in terms of Real Estate, but what does this phrase actually mean? Well, mixed-use is an area that combines different types of properties together into one community, most commonly residential homes along with office and retail space. In the Lower Mainland, it is common to see a building that has a collection of retail shops on the main floor, and condominiums stacked on top. Alternatively, mixed-use developments can also be defined as a community that has residential units and commercial units that do not actually share the same structure. Across the lower mainland we can see this type of community is growing in popularity – so we have outlined 5 reasons why a mixed-use community may be right for you:

  1. Convenience – What’s better than being steps away from your day-to-day needs? Living above or near living commercial retail space means plenty of services at your fingertips. Not only will you save time by walking instead of driving for your errands, but you’ll also save money on gas and car maintenance! Run out of butter for your cookie batch? Need a bottle of wine before your girl’s night? You’re in luck! This type of living provides a perfect opportunity for those that do not drive or live a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for errands.
  2. Sense of Community – One of the best parts about living in a mixed-use community is the sense of community that can be found there. Not only with those who live in the building itself, but those who work in it too! Sometimes there are perks too – businesses are often known to provide discounts or incentives to those who live in the building or community! You can build relationships with your neighbours outside of the building hallways as you get to know them at the shops and services the community has to offer.
  3. Variety – In most mixed-use communities, there are different home styles to choose from. Perhaps a micro-suite to fit your first-time homebuyer budget? Or one level living as your home in retirement? A three-bedroom townhome for your growing family? Having building variety is a great appeal for business owners and homeowners alike. This also helps to create a diverse community and a wider spread demand for the community overall.
  4. Health – Are you more likely to go to your gym if it was down the stairs from you? Living close to things that bring you joy will bring you better health. More importantly, at the end of the day if you haven’t hit your 10,000 steps, you can do a quick walk around the community (if perusing the shops doesn’t get you there!). You can also skip the takeout and opt to pop down to get groceries and cook your own healthy alternative without having to get back into the car after a long day.
  5. Sustainability – Eliminate your reliance on driving but building a walkable lifestyle. Who doesn’t like helping the environment, right? By walking to appointments or running your errands you save on gas emissions. Plus, living in a mixed-use community takes up less land and is more efficient. Sustainability tip: keep a reusable bag in your purse for your shopping needs!If you think this type of living might be right for you, visit for details on some of our mixed-use communities.

If you haven’t heard about the latest addition to Willoughby Town Centre you should check it out at Find out for your self what all the buzz is about! The Residences At Willoughby Town Centre is a collection of 91 modern condominium residences and will be the newest phase of the Fraser Valley’s Best  Award-winning mixed-use community. The Presentation Centre is open daily from Noon – 5 pm (Except for Friday’s).

Written by Melanie Themmen & Erin Vance from The Residences at Willoughby Town Centre
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