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Home Buying, Real Estate News, Your Next Home | January 26, 2024

Scale offers a variety of homes including Studio, 1, 1+ Flex, 2, and 2+ Flex options.

Desiring a contemporary home in a vibrant, multi-generational community Minutes away from the future Skytrain Station?

Scale embodies the freedom to embrace your authentic self – whether engaging in pillow fights with loved ones. Attending your six-year-old’s tea party, or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with a bestseller and hot chocolate. It’s all within reach.

At Scale, life is celebrated through homes that seamlessly embrace the imperfections of everyday living.

Your kitchen eagerly awaits the inevitable spatters and flour dustings as families embark on culinary adventures together.

Should an occasional Lego piece mysteriously appear underfoot in the living room, it becomes a reason to share moments of laughter.

With its convenient location near 54A and 203 Streets in the City of Langley, poised to infuse renewed vitality into this popular neighborhood.

A short stroll away lies McBurney Plaza, a cherished hot-spot for arts, cultural events, intriguing boutiques, and eateries that tantalize your taste buds. The upcoming Skytrain Station is just an eight-minute brisk walk away.

Meticulously curated amenities at Scale

Fostering community connections, especially vital as the world emerges from three years of enforced isolation.

Scale’s rooftop deck is destined to be a favorite hangout. Offering breathtaking views and a custom outdoor island equipped with a barbecue, sink, and ample counter space for easy meal preparation under the stars.

Gardening enthusiasts can exchange tips while enjoying the fruits of their labor in communal garden plots or horticultural areas.

Indoors, you’ll discover a state-of-the-art gym, an inviting lounge. Doubling as a co-working space, complete with a spacious kitchen and island for celebratory gatherings. It’s all about creating enduring memories that support us through life’s highs and lows.

The Beauty and The Home You Deserve

Scale, a boutique six-storey building, presents only 75 homes ranging from cozy studio suites to family-friendly two-bedroom plus-flex residences.

With eye-catching architecture featuring private balconies and ample windows to invite natural light indoors, Scale offers a rare opportunity to own a brand-new home in the heart of Langley City.

Stay tuned for the Scale presentation center’s imminent opening, with sales expected to commence in February. Be among the first to receive updates by registering at scaleliving.ca today.

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