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Your Next Home | March 5, 2018

The best thing about summer is the ability to incorporate your patio and deck space into a day-to-day living area. This time of year, there are an abundance of outdoor furnishings and accessories to choose from and create the perfect added living space for your home.

When designing your outdoor space, it’s always best to purchase the larger pieces of furniture first (this way any mistakes can to be returned later.) Map out the furnishing on the floor of the space by using painters tape, this will prevent you from selecting pieces that may not fit in, visually. Furnishings on your patio deck space should overpower and define the area, particularly in smaller spaces. There’s an abundance of nice-looking patio furnishing options on the market today but not all are weather resistant. When selecting outdoor furniture, choose a product that is rated ‘Outdoor Resistant’ or ‘North West Outdoor Resistant’. The durability of these types of outdoor furniture will last throughout the seasons of our West Coast Weather.

Emerging trends for creating the perfect outdoor spaces include subdued colour tones paired with light neutrals, warm woods and texture for an organic outdoor atmosphere. When selecting accents and features to highlight the space, try choosing small tables made from natural treated woods or composite wood tables with warm and neutral tones. This theme reflects natural design in your outdoor living space and works well with all colour schemes in case you decide to switch it up next season.

When selecting accent pieces for your outdoor living spaces, creating a cohesive transition from indoors to outdoors can be achieved by continuing your indoor accent colour(s) through to your outdoor living space by using a muted tone of the same colour(s). For example, if you’re using teal as your interior accent, using a soft aqua will help create a cohesive serene environment by diversifying the colour pallet. Texture and colour can be incorporated into the cushions, pillows, outdoor rugs, blankets or featured furniture pieces to anchor the space.

Does your outdoor space allow for the addition of a canopy or umbrella? This helps to create an intimate space with protection from the summer sun. If you’re unable have a canopy or umbrella, adding ambient lighting defines the space while creating a warm and romantic ambiance. Whether indoors or outdoors, lighting can be layered into your design by using string lighting, solar-powered lights, a chandelier, or hurricane lamps in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures of metals and woods with battery operated outdoor candles.

To complete the perfect outdoor space, try and incorporate a variety of plants (grasses, perennials, annuals, and herbs) and planters to add textures and colours all year round.

Happy Summer!

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