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Market Intelligence, Real Estate News | July 19, 2023
The City of Surrey is taking a significant step towards realizing its vision of improved connectivity and community development with the completion of the Clayton Corridor Plan draft. Mayor Brenda Locke and the city officials have called upon the residents, businesses, and community partners of Clayton and Cloverdale to provide their valuable feedback on this essential milestone. The online survey, open until August 4, 2023, presents an opportunity for the community to actively shape the future of the Clayton Corridor.

Building Bridges Between Communities

The Clayton Corridor Plan is a comprehensive initiative aimed at establishing better connections between Surrey, Langley, and Downtown Vancouver. With an eye on accommodating the city’s anticipated growth over the next three decades, this plan is set to be a game-changer for residents and commuters alike. The proposed Skytrain extension, featuring two new stations along the Fraser Highway, promises to enhance accessibility and mobility, transforming the way people travel within the region.

The Vision Unveiled

At the heart of the draft plan lies the development of vibrant communities around the new Skytrain stations. The proposed Clayton Centre, situated around the 190th Street SkyTrain station, is envisioned as a community village that will serve as a hub for various activities, services, and social interactions. Additionally, the Hillcrest Village, located around the 184th Street SkyTrain station, is planned to be a secondary urban village with its unique character and offerings.

Creating Green Spaces and Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of natural surroundings, the Clayton Corridor Plan emphasizes the creation and expansion of parks and protected areas to promote a healthy and sustainable environment. Additionally, the plan includes provisions for new and improved roads, cycle tracks, walkways, and paths, supporting a range of active transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

Community Input: A Crucial Step

The City of Surrey recognizes the value of community feedback in shaping a plan that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of its residents. After seeking input earlier this year, the city has now reached a significant milestone with the completion of the draft plan. As the next phase of public engagement kicks off, the city encourages all Claytonians to participate in the online survey available at This valuable input will help refine the plan before it is presented for council consideration later this year.

A Vision for the Future

The Clayton Corridor Plan is a culmination of years of thoughtful planning and diligent efforts by city staff and officials. Initiated in 2019, the process began with the Fleetwood Plan, which set the stage for the Skytrain corridor in Fleetwood. Building upon that foundation, the Clayton Corridor Plan emerged, creating a vision for a thriving, interconnected community that will stand the test of time.

The City of Surrey’s invitation to provide feedback on the Clayton Corridor Plan demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and collaboration in the urban planning process. As residents, businesses, and community partners engage in shaping the future of their neighborhood, the corridor plan inches closer to its final form. By actively participating in this crucial phase, Claytonians are sowing the seeds for a vibrant, well-connected, and sustainable community that will flourish for generations to come.

Remember, the online survey will remain open until August 4, so don’t miss your chance to contribute to the Clayton Corridor Plan and create a lasting impact on the City of Surrey’s development journey.

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