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Real Estate News | June 13, 2019
Choosing where to live can be a daunting task but the most important consideration is location! Live in the centrally located Ventura which is within the newly adopted City Centre Neighborhood Plan. This offers complete revitalization of the area bringing in high density infrastructure such as shops, services, and amenities and everything else you may need!

Not convinced yet? Here are 4 reasons to invest in the City Centre Plan:

Unmatched Convenience
Steps away from your day to day needs with commercial services right at your fingertips saving you time and money on gas and car maintenance. This Plan focuses on convenience tailored to your life right in the heart of Abbotsford. Contribute to the growing Fraser Valley Hub while it is still in its early growth stages. Don’t miss out!

Filled with Investment Opportunity
With more shops and services nearby, this allows your space open to more buyers/renters in the future! Whether you use your home as an investment now, or perhaps someday in the future, living in a city centre offers tenants much more opportunities. As an investor in Ventura, you can expect lower management fees, reduced carrying costs, easy assignments, and homes upgraded for the normal tenant wear and tear. Most importantly, grow your equity with prime Abbotsford location. This offer is available for the first 10 homes so don’t wait any longer!

Rising Value
The long-term revitalization plan means continuous improvements to the neighborhood. It is common when property values around you increase, yours will increase too! Owning or investing in a prime location will have your property highly sought after for decades to come.

Sustainable Living
Living in this core neighbourhood will welcome pedestrians with additional convenience! Walk to your appointments or run errands to save on your gas emissions and gas bills. The advantage of living in a high-density neighborhood include less required space coupled with more efficient design.

The overall vision of the 200K City Centre Plan is to bring 200,000 residents to Abbotsford. To accommodate that growth, commercial, residential, large scale redevelopment, pedestrian walkways, transit, bike laneways, parks and recreation will be newly added! There is so much more to know about the neighborhood plan and how it will change the landscape of the city centre. You can access this information by visiting the City of Abbotsford’s website.

Buying into Ventura means being in the middle of it all, in combination with the future of Abbotsford City Centre at today’s prices. Abbotsford heavily invests to sustain long-term growth for citizens to prioritize employment, transportation and affordable housing options. Join the demand and discover what’s waiting for you in Abbotsford. Please visit our website at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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